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stainless steel

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PVC products in this section can apply for both water and chemical. We have UPVC, PVC, white PVC, PP-R and HDPE fittings available different kind of construction usage.

GASKET are also available for water, gas, oil and chemical usage. Material in Rubber (Water), Compressed Asbestos Jointing (Steam, Water, Gas, Oil), Valflon / Teplon PTFE (Chemical).

Please contact us for each product's available sizes.


UPVC Union

PVC coupling

UPVC Union

Compfitting:Coupling Compfitting:Tee
UPVC Elbow PVC Reducer PVC Tee
Fitting: Elbow 90

Fitting: Reducer

Fitting: Tee
UPVC flange PVC Bibbcok PVC check valve
Flanges, 10K or 150P Bibbcock Check Valve:Spring
UPVC Foot Valve UPVC Check Valve PVC Ball valve
UPVC Ball Foot Valve UPVC Ball Check Valve Ball Valve
UPVC Union Ball Valve HDPE Elbow HDPE Reducer
Double Union Ball Valve HDPE Elbow 90 HDPE Reducer
HDPE stun end HDPE Tapping Saddle HDPE elbow90
HDPE Stun End Female Tapping saddle HDPE Elbow 90
PTFE thailand gasket Thailand Asbestos gasket Thailand
Teplon Gasket Rubber Gasket

Asbestos Gasket

PP-R Elbow PP-R Female Thread Elbow PP-R Tee
PP-R Elbow PP-R Female Thread Elbow

PP-R Tee

UPVC Foot Valve UPVC Check Valve  
Van Stone Flange UPVC Ball Check Valve  


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